All about the family

**WARNING: Photo Overload**

This weekend it was Halloween, so there was the family night of trick-or-treating. That consisted of Me and the kids, Lynise and her boys, Karley and Bailey all going over to our SIL’s Nicole’s house where SIL Alyssa meet us there, and WE ALL treated around Nicole’s neighborhood. We made it down the street and back and thru one cul-d-sac and we were done. The kids ran and ran. I was thinking that would tire them out, apparently not. One house handed out the glow necklaces, I thought that was a fabulous idea.

Ellie was adamant about NOT being a fairy or princess or anything similar to that this year. She wanted to be a vampire. I was not OK with that. So we came to a mutual agreement and went with a Monster High costume of skeleton girl (i forget her official name). Peyton and the boys were all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Since there are only 3 boys, we were short a turtle. And Bailey in all her cuteness was Minnie mouse.

So then the next day I had scheduled family photos. We have not done family pictures in like 3 years, it was time. My good friend Melissa just enjoys taking pictures and has a great Cannon camera like we all do but never use. So she came over to the house and we just took pictures around the yard. We took 181 photos! And Peyton had a goofy face in 95% of them. So here is a picture overload for you of the session.

Camus Family 2010 (Peyton was almost 1!)

 My ❤
 Kyle’s face just screams I LOVE TAKING PICTURES

 And Peyton takes after his dad

HOUSE UPDATE: nada, nothing, blah, boring, maybe next week.

Outfits: I wore this great new plaid shirt I picked up at EXPRESS. My SIL Nicole snagged it too, because we like to pretend we are twins. This shirt is supposed to be a loose, boyfriend fit. I got it in a M, I probably could have done a small. I did wash it on hot and dried it to shrink it just a hair. Jeans are old Hudsons. Jewelery by BON LEMON. Shoes: JCrew.

Ellie’s sweater is from GAP last year. And GAP skinny Jeans, GAP biker boots. Peyton is Levi Jeans, old GAP tee and GAP shoes. Kyle, no one cares what he is wearing.

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