It’s starting…

So things are starting to shape up around Camus Road. Kyle has cleared the property, dug out for the foundation, put in a gravel road and now the form boards are up to start the foundation pour this weekend. We got our bid this week for the framing, $39k! Ouch. But a nice bonus was that included the siding for the house. The power company is lined up to come out the first week of January to hook up temporary power during construction. So looks like the coal is loaded and this train is pulling out of the station! FINALLY!!
Speaking of trains…This past weekend the Camus clan headed down to Portland to visit Kyle’s sister Lynsie and her family. We watched the movie polar express Friday night and then on Saturday took the kids to the Mt. Hood Railroad station and did the “polar express” train ride. It was so fun, they really liked it. They all wore matching PJs. Got to enjoy these moments while they last, pretty sure Ellie isn’t going to believe in Santa much longer. She’s a little on the fence this year. After all that, Saturday night we let the kids make gingerbread houses. That was interesting. I think there was more eating going on that building. And the putting the whole house together is always tricky. Ellie lost her roof about 2 minutes after I took a photo of her completed house.
I am nearly done with all my holiday shopping. I have done 95% of my shopping on-line. I just don’t have the time to make it to the stores, and well frankly I don’t want to go to the stores and deal with all the people. My Grinch side I guess. Only store I’ve actually shopped for is at Spruce and Bon Lemon. Other than that, my amazon prime membership has been getting good use. Now I just have to do the whole wrapping thing.
I’ve actually missed not having my own tree to decorate, or house to put holiday decorations up in. I’ve never been a huge decorator but of course this year I’ve found all this things I’d love to get to make a house festive. Next year…
and for my WIWW, well I’m wearing what I wore in my last WIWW: Sweater + Leather. Its been my go-to for the past few Wednesdays.
Have a Happy Holiday!

WIWW: Sweater + Leather

The air is crisp and the rain is here. All I want to wear are boots, leggings and sweaters. Luckily for me, CAbi has been fulfilling that¬†desire with their new Fall 2014 line. And yeah, I’m still bad at the pictures, first I tried bathroom selfies (fail) then I tried outside (better). One day I will have my game together and have more professional photos, until then this is what you get ūüôā Happy almost Turkey day!!

Sweater: CAbi Fall 2014 Joy Sweater (I’m wearing an XS, you can size down in this one)
Shirt: CAbi Fall 2014 McQueen shirt (I’m wearing a M, I have a large chest)
Leggings: Ann Taylor Faux Leather leggings (40% OFF! USE CODE SHOPANN)
Boots: Frye – I totally forget which ones.

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WIWW: Bright Print + TWINS

It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear greys and blacks all the time. Today’s outfit is a great spring dress converted over to winter with some tights and boots. Side note– I am not a CAbi rep. I am just a loyal customer. CAbi clothes are perfect for my work wear and my casual wear. So I have a lot of it. Just needed to throw out that disclaimer. Also my SIL Nicole wore this same¬†dress¬†today. Yes we totally called each other and planned it. We love being pretend twins. We have a lot of the same pieces because our styles are so similar. Do you have a pretend twin? Isn’t it the best! We call ourselves Danny and Arnold (Twins movie, 1988). Since I am 5’2″ and Nicole is 6′, its obvious who’s who.

       Daily Look: CAbi Spring '13 Printed Shirt Dress, styled for our chilly mornings with our vintage Shrunken Cardigan, black sweater tights and black boots.                                                                       

I’m loving this dress paired with the cardigans and belt. I’ll have to remember that for the next time I wear it. This jacket is fun and lightweight. It is great to dress it up or down.

Jacket: CAbi Spring 2013 Convertible poppy red jacket
Dress: CAbi Spring 2013 Printed shirt dress
Boots: Ralph Lauren, old.

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WIWW: Werkin out

I’m doing an 8-week boot camp at a local gym. I don’t know if I would actually call it a gym. When I think of a gym I think of tons of machines and everyone doing their own thing. This is more like a small group that does an intense 30-45min circuit workout. We all encourage each other and plow through these intense sets. I love it.

So when I work out, I want to look cute. But by cute I don’t mean slutty. There is a difference. I’m not an oversize t-shirt and sweatpants girl. Nor am I in my booty shorts and sports bra. There is a happy medium ladies. Plus I got two new pairs of NB kicks this week, so I needed to show you both ūüôā


24-956-JG-front model Movement Jacket 

1/ lululemon movement jacket 2/ CAbi reversible tank 3/ CAbi tech pants 4/ NB classics CW442


Run:Inspire Crop II 

1/ Bon Lemon tee¬†limited¬†¬†2/ lululemon camo crop’s (old, similar)¬†3/ NB classics WL501 High Roller

And because I have to go to a day job and unfortunately can’t hang out in my workout clothes all day, this is what I threw on today.



1/ CAbi confetti sweater 2/ CAbi Ricky leggings (old, similar) 3/ Bon Lemon necklace 4/ Frye Regina wedge boot 5/ Michael Kors Microstud Hamilton Tote (40% off!)

What do you like to WERK out in?

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WIWW- Camo & Rhinestones

Serioursly, I need to work on photos. Some other ladies have this figured out, I do not. Plus today was terribly rainy here in the PNW, so no outside for me. #IphonePhotoFail.

Top: Ann Taylor Loft Back Button Pullover
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft Camo Print Tailored Twill Skinny Pants Marissa Fit
Jewelry: Bon Lemon and Ann Taylor Loft (old, similar)
Shoes: Me Too (old, similar)
Makeup- MAC holiday collection- Keepsakes/Beige Eyes

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WIWW- Leopard!

Leopard is a neutral. And if you don’t agree we can’t be friends. Ellie even has leopard in her wardrobe. The outfit I actually wanted her to wear today we couldn’t find the leggings to, of course. So we had to go to plan b.

My outfit:
Top: CAbi Fall 2014 poppy top
Leggings: CAbi old, similar Fall 2014
Shoes: JCrew Martina calf hair wedges
Necklace: Bon Lemon

Ellie’s outfit:
We bought this school shopping this year at the Gymboree outlet. So not sure if it was a last season or what. She rocks it.

Top: Gymboree (similar here, here)
Jeans: Gymboree (Ebay size 5, similar here, here, here)
Boots: GAP biker boots

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So my little sister is on a trip with our brother to the Big Easy aka New Orleans. I’m so jealous. I’ve only been once, and was memorable trip¬†ūüôā So in typical little sister fashion, she needed to borrow several items from my closet. So I did not get to go on a vacation, but my clothes did. They’re so lucky.

Dress: Nordstrom Summer 2013                                        Tank: Target Summer 2014

Now this was not a feature I was planning on adding, but I could not resist. This is what is called a FASHION NO NO moment. You are not in hiding, there is such a thing as bad camo, and this is how you don’t do it. I did not steal this off any website. Saw it with my own eyes picking up Ellie at school. I think the overkill is with the camo purse. I just don’t have words.

WIWW- Werk it

I am a working gal. I work in a professional office, but I try not to dress boring. Somedays I want to be fun, some I want to be comfy, but I always have to be professional.

I always forget I’m short until I see a picture of myslef. (I’m 5’2)¬†I look just like my grandmother, scary. She was this petite, busty cuban and I am a carbon copy. And I have a hard time taking these pictures of myslef. I guess I have no inner Kim K.¬†

Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft (couldn’t find a similar!)
Top: CAbi Jubilee top
Pants: CAbi Fall 2013 Ricky leggings (similar here and EBay here)
Shoes: GUESS Tarrah Bootie
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft

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I’m naturally curly and I like it most of the time. But lately I’m tempted to go back to the straight look. I guess I’m lucky in the sense that I can wear my hair either way. What’s your thoughts, Straight or Curly?

WIWW- Girls night out

So I have not perfected the art of the selfie. OR the art of taking a picture of myself in an outfit. Hopefully practice makes perfect. I went out Friday night for an impromptu girls night and got to wear a new outfit. Loved it and can’t wait to wear it again.

I’m¬†a huge fan of CAbi. I have been going to CAbi parties for 4 years and still wear the pieces. They are so great and comfortable. They wash great and I just have been extremely happy with everything I have ever gotten there. So if you are ever invited to a CAbi party and haven’t gone, GO!

Now the Ann Taylor leather jacket was a splurge for me. I have been wanting a good leather jacket for sometime. Some that I liked were just way out of my comfort zone spending ($800!) and others were vegan- which is great- but they weren’t that just right look I was searching for. Then this AT jacket pops up, and I really like it, and I felt the price was reasonable for a leather jacket. A leather jacket isn’t something that goes out of style and I know I will get a lot of wear out of this.

Jacket: Ann Taylor Moto Jacket
Top: CAbi Jubille Top
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft Camo Print Tailored Twill Skinny Julie Fit
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft (similar at Bon Lemon)
Shoes: Material Girl Bootie¬†(Macy’s)
Purse: Bon Lemon, local boutique

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WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday)

Ok I’m gonna have fun with this blog thing. So I might do a “what I wore Wednesday” or a “Fashion Friday” occasionally. If I feel the outfit is blog worthy. These will be short and sweet. Hope you like them! Today I had a mediation, so I needed to dress business like. My pants probably could be hemmed an inch to be perfect. I’m 5’2, so it’s a problem.

Jacket: JCrew School Boy Blazer
Top: Ann Taylor Crepe Colorblock Lace Top
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft Marissa Fit Trouser
Shoes: GUESS lace peep toe (similar)

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