It’s Monday, again

Monday’s are just not my favorite day. I never feel fully rested; I’m trying to lay out the week ahead, I’m annoyed enough things didn’t get accomplished over the weekend, etc. Monday’s just suck. But the good news is, its just a day and it will be over quickly.

I slept terrible last night. I didn’t feel great, went to sleep at like 8:30. Two kiddos ended up in our queen size bed in the middle of the night, and you know that is crowded. I was hot, then cold, then sweating. Before I knew it my alarm was going off, and I just told myslef I’m not ready to get up. I went to the kids bed and slept another hour. Sometimes you just need to do that for yourself. We are serioulsy sitting down and telling the kids NO MORE SLEEPING IN OUR BED! Its just so hard when they come in in the middle of the night, I’m half out of it and don’t want to argue. I know this is the lazy way out and no one wins in the end. Anyone else have this problem?

I’m racking my brain for what happened this week. Its kind of a blur. M T Th Sat was cheer. Ive been trying hard to walk the track while Ellie’s at these practices. Gotta do something with those 2 hours. I’ll be sad once the nice weather is gone and its pouring rain.

Friday I had the day off work and got to hang out with Baby Bailey. We all unfortunately just had to hang out at the car dealership. The car needed an oil change, and then I got the good news that I need tires. I knew this was coming. They warned me the last time I was in that the tread was low. Now my inner and outter tread were done, and I was just running on middle tread. Its all very technial appearantly. Tread depth, and all these numbers. I was like look guy, you gotta write this down because 1) I gotta baby on my hip and a 4 yr old standing here, so I’m not really paying attention to you; 2) I have no clue all these details your telling me and have to relay it to Kyle anyways.¬† So in the end and $900 later we got new tires. Kyle texted asking me how they look, I’m thinking “really?” they look black becasue they are tires. If I spend $900 on something I would prefer to have something really exciting to show for it. But I know tires are just one of the realities of life. No one tells you this when you’re 18, dang adult life!

Then Friday night was the BIG rival football game, Capital Cougars v Olympia Bears. And the highlight was that the University of Washington marching band came and performed. Such a great experience for the kids in the band program. Their cheerleaders/dance team came too. I was a little shocked at their performance, and I don’t consider myslef a modest person. But this was a high shcool game, and that performance was way too provactive. I never knew band music could be danced to like that. That type of ass shanking needs to be saved for the club. I’ll get off my old lady/mom rant now. It was a great night, and the Cougars WON!

Saturday was the auction for our local school. It only happens every other year, thank goodness. We always have a “really” good time. And the next day we always ask oursleves why we stayed up so late, drank too much, etc. This year was a 70’s theme and everyone really got into it. I think some of the older people outshined us youngsters ūüôā I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was too busy chatting. Kyle almost won us an iPad air. It was a game they played where you had to pick heads or tails (by placing your hands on your head or your butt) and then the host flipped the coin. Kyle kept winning! out of the whole crowd, he was in the top 4. Well, he lost in the end, which is probably OK. Because the host was like “you should really just give iPad back to the school for the kids” and the lady did! which is awesome, I probably would have been like “I am! its for MY kids which are students, win-win”. This is probably why we didn’t win.

House news is SO not exciting. The trusses are engineered. We have to change a few walls in the bounus room for the truss sizes, so kyle made those changes to the floor plan this weekend.  For example, there was a 18 ft wall in the front, and it had to be made to 16ft, and then the other wall was like 24 ft, and had to be made to 22ft. So we lost a few sqft, and that is totally OK. So last weeks goal of having plans all submitted to the county this week were scraped, shocker. Kyle was like look, October 1 is the reality. This is what our command center for everything house looks like, good thing no one eats dinner at this table.

One good thing is we had called the school a week or so ago and had them submit the letter to the county that our disctrict does not have an impact fee. That is good because appearantly on the 17th this month, a impact fee goes into effect! Which is like $2k. So we got that in just in the nic of time.

In news that you can look forward to, I should have some really good stories for next week. The matriarch of the family, Grandma Annie, will be staying with us this week. I know right, how can one more single person fit in this house! Luckily she brought her monsterous of a motor home down yesterday. A cousin is getting married Saturday, and Gma Annie and Sue are doing the flowers. So I just know its gonna be chaotic and Sue will be in a dither. I am going to invest in a few bottles of wine. So stay tuned to those stories next week.

This weeks episode of Camus Road…

I was going for a dramatic sounding title…like a soap opera “Days of our lives” or something. So hopefully that came accross. I’ll start working on a sound app or something. Anyway….This week we’ve had a burst in sunshine for that last bit of summer. Which was really nice, because we know that I love the sun.¬† Ellie started school, which she¬† was excited about.¬†She has already lost a new coat. We’re hoping she finds it today, because of course I hadn’t wrote her name in her new coats yet.

On the house front, I’ve been reading everyone’s advice on last weeks Inspiration: Exterior post. And I’m still really undecided. So I decided to use my art skills and color an exterior photo and see what that looks like. I know, you are blown away by my coloring skills. I just had a .jpeg of the exterior and opened it in Microsoft Paint. Some bloggers I follow are really fancy and have photoshop programs and others. Well you aren’t gonna get that here. I’m pretty sure if you compared this with one of Peyton’s drawings, you may not be able to tell them apart. But it gets you an “idea” of what the exterior might look like. This blue is a shade brighter than what I’m thinking. But I couldn’t get it just right with the color choices in paint. So imagine with me. Sue said it looks like a Seahwaks house. So I am still considering a dark grey. I found a new color called Perfectly Greige. I’m considering. But my eyes always wonder back to the Navy’s/Blue. Ugh, decisions.

Ellie had her first cheer games Saturday. It was a bit long. The first game was at 9, then the second at noon. The girls were done by the second game, there¬†were no firm motions, arms were just flailing. Also, it was hot for WA. Now try not to be too judgey here, but I ran my kids to McD’s before the second game to get some food in them. I pull up to order their happy meals, and both of them start yelling at me from the back telling me HOW to order their meals. People, this is not my first time through the drive-thru. I’ve ordered them more happy meals than I’d like to admit. I got this OK. Why my kids think I have no clue on how to order their meals baffles me. And to top it off, I got the soft spoken employee who I can hardly hear. So, you probably see where this is going, I have to turn and yell at my kids to stop telling me how to order their meals…in my mom voice. Then I turn back to the screen saying THANK YOU. Yeah, his face was pretty classic when I got to the window.

We had a fun family night Saturday night. Ron and Sue were gone, so we had the house to ourselves. Karlye and Josh brought steaks over and we grilled them up for dinner. I had gone to the store earlier in the day and bought some Sangria. The evening then turned into beauty shop, Karley began making my hair into¬†an afro and Ellie put a bunch of braids in Karlye’s hair. Then the kids went to sleep. We drank some more sangria and somehow Karlye began chasing Josh around the island with the mop, then he grabbed the broom. It was more funny if you were halfway into a bottle of sangria. We then made chocolate chip cookies at 9pm, cuz it sounded really good. And we ate the dough. These are the times I really like living with so much family. Its always entertaining.

Today Kyle is meeting with the TRUSS guy. Hopefully its all put together. If there is any luck at all, we can put our whole package together and submit it to the county by the end of the week. My fear is, after talking to others, is that this building permit approval thing is going to take fooorreevvveerrrrr (insert dramatic tone). One person told me it took them a year to get it all approved to begin building! I will have a total freak out if¬† that happens. I’m realistic, I know it will not take a week, but after a month or so I expect something. So I”m sure my next several posts will be all about the waiting. At least in the meantime kyle can keep clearing and begin installing the septic system.

To end the post. Here’s a cute picture of Peyton and Bailey cuz who doesn’t love babies in baths.

Baby step towards progress

It may be little, but I will take whatever I can get. This past week we got water. Yes, I can mark “well drilled” off my list. We were estimating the well to be around 200 ft. The driller called and said he hit water at 217 ft. After putting “stuff” in (there’s boxes, and screens and things I know nothing about) the total came to 220ft. So we are pretty happy about that. When I see the bill, it will still feel like a punch in the stomach, but you gotta have water. So what does this mean now? Well the driller takes a water sample to the county, they analyze it to make sure the water is drinkable- which shouldn’t be a problem. Once that is all cleared, our septic permit is released. Yes, we had to apply for it before the well…but you can’t do anything with it until there is a water source and its OK’d by the county. Makes zero sense to me, but whatever. So Kyle can now work on installing the septic. And since that’s he’s biz, we will be saving lots of $$.

Now, most of you would think that was the highlight of my week. Well your wrong. Its great…but bigger things happened. JIMMY JOHNS sandwich shop is coming to the Westside of Olympia. I know, calm yourselves, its finally happened! I am a passionate girl about my sandwiches. I love the beach comber. And I love how when I order it (especially on-line, when working in our Tacoma office cuz they’ll deliver. BONUS) they have to *warn* me about the sprouts. I like to live dangerously people, I’m eating the sprouts.

This week, Karlita (aka SIL Karlye) has been whipping up delicious dinners at Casa de la Camus. We’ve had chicken fried rice, beef stroganoff, and chicken with oven roasted zucchini and squash covered in Parmesan cheese.¬† I’m not gonna lie, I kind of pretend I’m a super rich person, and she’s my chef. I stroll in with the kids and dinner is served. I imagine that’s what it like. But then reality hits and I turn into “Lupe” and I clean everything up. Its nice for a moment though. And it is totally OK for me to give us Hispanic names, because I’m part Cuban, so no discrimination is happening.

Oh now, Karlye and I had a funny mom moment, and I saw a flash into the future with Ellie. We were watching a rerun of Modern Family. And I actually hadn’t seen this episode. Claire (mom) was having a day with Alex (daughter) when it was realized, Alex didn’t think Claire was cool anymore. Alex didn’t want her around her friends at the mall, etc. Claire was devastated, obviously. Then Alex hopped in the car, gave her mom a speech that I knew was fake immediately- thinking she was schmoozing Claire over. Claire gives her $40 to go shopping, just because. As Alex thinks she’s “won”, Claire rolls down the window and shouts to Alex-in front of her friends- “oh sweetie, make sure you buy a training bra with that money, your little boobies are starting to poke out. Love you kitten!” And drives off! Oh…I am putting that in my pocket for when its needed because I have no doubt that it will be needed one day.

Friend plug-¬†I got stocked up this week on my supportive Cougar wear for Ellie’s cheer, oh and Kyle’s football too. Everything is glitterfied in cougar colors with CAMUS labeled on everything. So here’s my speech, support your local school and look good doing it. Go to Glitter and Ice facebook page and they can whip you up whatever you want…bedazzeled of course! We have some tshirts, a water bottle, and a stadium seat. She does merchandise for all the local schools (Oly, Tum, NT, RR, etc).

Friday we went down to Portland to visit SIL Lynsie and to do some school clothes shopping for Ellie. The kids got way more clothes than they needed, but the sales were just so good. The Gymboree outlet store everything was $12.99 or less!
Ok. I went school supply shopping for Ellie. I was really proud of myself, I went to Wal-Mart and got nearly her whole list for $35! That was including the $9 earbuds needed for the classroom ipad. BUT we did not get the square pink erasers becasuse they were out. That is just crazy talk. Also, we did not get pencils. Ellie’s school, as well as I think the entire county, has required that they get a certain brand. Appearantly they are the best pencils ever. The lead is perfectly in the center or something,¬† they don’t break as easily, and are probably environmentally friendly. I don’t know if these things are “hand crafted” pencils or what. They are SOLD OUT everywhere. So being the genius that I am, I amazon-primed that shit and it will be here on Saturday. BOOM. And that only cost me an additional $8. Obviously not counting the prime membership, but that doesn’t get factored in and it is worth its weight in gold.
And in a last note, I will NOT be winning the sister of the year award again this year. My sweet little sister loves to borrow my clothes and shoes and she loves this particular pair of wedges. Last summer a strap broke on them and I was super sad. She found a nearly identical pair by the same brand and bought them for me. At the same time, I had taken the original pair to the shoe shop and had them fixed. So when I was moving I was like “i don’t need these, I’ll give them to April.” Well‚Ķshe wore them on Saturday night. I get a text from her “Oh my gosh Mandy I just fell down at a comedy show because that wedge broke again and the F-ing comedian called me out!!!! So embarrassed!!!” Lets just say I was crying laughing. I know, super supportive of me. I sent her the crying-laughing emoji. She replies back “He says “oh look at the drunk girl””. Then to top it off she tells me she’s on a date! So I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to take her shoe shopping to make up for this. Her pride and knee are bruised.¬†
House plans got copied and they were distributed to the heating air guy to do energy calcs. That’s needed for our building permits. And then another copy went to the framer guy to get a bid from the Truss company. That’ll be a big number. On the last plan, the bid came in at $18k. Given this house is bigger and one level, more trusses will be needed. But from what I’m told, we need just regular trusses, where the last bid, the whole second floor was bonus room trusses which costs more becasue they are thicker. So…maybe it’ll be about even. One can hope.

One month down and little pink flags

The first month has gone by remarkably fast. This week my nephews came up from Portland to have a week at nana’s house. I must say that I did not think one more person could fit into the house. Well we fit two little boys…and the house looked like a tornado ripped through it for a week. The kids and the boys had a blast together, exhausted every night. I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad the week is over. I had a brief glimpse of what Sue (MIL) endured with 5 kids…and I’m not equipped to deal with all that.

I beleive this paragraph will conclude¬†the “Breve the cat” saga. But don’t hold your breath. He of course returned to our old house. And the new owners are taking him in with open arms. We are welcome to visit him. I’m just glad he’s safe, and with a loving family. And we will for sure visit, Ellie has demanded it.

We received our bid for the house trusses…drum roll…$18k. Yes, took my breath away for a second. But that was about what our estimate was when we worked it out in our heads. So, I added that to the excel spreadsheet I created to keep track of all this estimating. The total number keeps getting bigger, weird.

Friday, I went on yet another bid for cabinets, and added in some doors and trim this time. Curious to see what they come back with, $$$. I swear all the names and colors are just a blur at this point. And I had this rule in my head for trim, that it needed to be 7% of the wall, so with 9 ft ceilings, that’s roughly 7in trim. 7in trim seemed really thick, so I felt comfortable with 6. Well, they didn’t carry 6. It came either 5.5in or 7.25in. So i picked 7.25 and thought Kyle could just cut it down to 6. He did not like that idea…so we’ll see.

Saturday I went antiquing with Nicole (SIL). First we hit up Country Chicks in Rochester. I stole a find from Nicole, these cute old canisters that are all white. There was a large and a small, $5 each! I’m thinking flower holders on the island. Next we went to Centrailia and hit the main drag, and they were having some antique fest in the street. Good finds. Though I get overwhelmed by it all. I found the cutest milk glass dish. My first purchase of the kind, and I’m sure there will be more.

Sunday Kyle and I marked the property for where we¬†think the house will sit. This consisted of me holding some big tape measure thing, and him walking 100ft and yelling at me to tie pink string to the tree. This also required me to walk through the woods. It was muggy, and the mosquitos were everywhere because Kyle had brush hogged parts of the property the day before. So we tagged and ran. Kyle would be way back in one corner yelling, can you see me?! Obviously no! there are trees everywhere. So hopefully he’ll get to trimming those out soon. I’m a visual person and its just too wooded for me to get the full picture yet.

The weekend ended with me finishing up the laundry. No flooding this time. But as I went to throw in the whites, something RED caught my eye. Someone had, with red marker, drawn a star on my WHITE JEANS!!!! nearly fainted. One, I’ve gained a little weight and don’t have too many pants that fit, and this was a pair that does. So the fact that I may be down another pair of pants¬†was scary. So of course I was like WHY would they do this?!!¬† I marched up stairs to ask Ellie if she knew who did it. In my head I could picture Peyton and my nephews each with a red marker. I knew¬†my sweet, smart, obedient Ellie would not. The minute I asked her who’s guilty, while holding the evidence, she fessed up! Shocked¬†is my best description to¬†my reaction. And I couldn’t even yell, I was so blown away that it was her. Her reason was that she just wanted to draw on something other than paper. I don’t know what the best punishment should have been. But at that moment, sending her to bed was what I choose. She cried while I calmly (I was so proud of myself) talked to her and asked her why she would do that. Still no apology though… Then I was combing her hair, and I was pretty much done discussing it, I just wanted to add one last thing. I said Ellie, what you did really made me sad and hurt my feelings. That hit home, and she apologized. Hoping this was just a little acting out with all the craziness that went on the last 2 weeks.

Oh, I almost forgot to add this. I must say here I was so thankful that Sue (MIL) was around. She knew exactly how to get that marker out. We hairsprayed the shit out of it, with the purple Aussie hair spray of course. Appearantly hairspray is good at this stuff. Then Sue got the oxiclean detergent, not spray, and just scrubbed it into the marker. Kind of made a paste. We just kept going back and forth between the two chemicals. And it worked! Mama doesn’t have to go buy a new pair of white jeans. Cuz, its summer you know, they are a staple in my wardrobe right now.

So this week I’m told I’ll have the engineered plans Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed.