Inspiration: Foyer

So lets move back into the house for inspirations. And to move back into the house, you must walk through the front door….and enter the foyer. My foyer is about 10ft wide. It will have a high 16ft ceiling so I can have a great statement light, of course. I definetly picutre wainscoating here on the walls, with a painted light grey of some sort above. I stumbled upon the Sunny Side Up blog last week and found a nearly identical foyer layout. I’m pretty happy copying this, and it will serve as an inspiration. Kyle is not happy about maybe copying the floor. So that is debatable. But doing something different to defne the space is what I’d like to do.

The hallway will be solid, like the above pic, with no doors and the entry will open into the living room. The below pic shows another great way to tile a foyer and define that space. And if I could have the dog too that would be perfect.

Another fun option I found was just criss crossing the hardwood, and doing a different stain. This may be more up Kyle’s alley.  

Now having a great mirror, picture and table are a decor must for the entry. My friend Alexis has a great old church pew, and I would be pretty happy with something like that too. And as you can see, Erin@SunnySideUp just added a great mirrored table to her entry.

This picture is pretty much just becasue I liked it. I love the lights, and the rug, and the table… and if I had the space and the courage to do something like this I would. But for now I’ll just pin it and like it.

Now on to the lighting for such a space. I really love Restoration Hardware, who doesn’t. And I would be pretty happy with any of their lights. These two are what speak to me the most. I like how they are a combination of industrial and traditional with some sparkle.

Whats your dream foyer? What do you think is a must have? What makes a foyer feel inviting to you?