Inspiration: Dining Room

So last Thursdays inspiration post focused on the kitchen, I though this week I would share the dining room since they are connected. As you read last week, I will have a black and white kitchen primarily. And I like the industrial pendants, and barstools. So with my dining room part of me was thinking to soften that look a little, and then I also like the farmhouse looks too. For me the big investment should be the table. Something I will love and will last through style changes. Chairs are a huge desgin factor, you can add color texture and everything between with chairs. Chairs also get stained and worn, so I have to get something that will possibly be changed 5 years later. Here’s my top 3 looks so far:

As you can see, I like the fabric chairs and a different chair for the ends. Such a defining seat. A Dining room should feel comfotable and inviting, with a touch of WOW. For me anyways. Also, I want a kickass light. Statment piect. I really like the idea of a bench too at the table, along the backside. Kyle hates it, says how will people get in and out easily. I don’t think of that, just that it looks cute. Idea #2 has a bench with it:

What’s funny, I’m really curious to see if we ever eat in it! We had a “nook” in our last house with a small 4 person round table. We probably ate at it a dozen times the whole 9 years we lived there. We are a bar family, always up at the counter eating. But there is definetly a purpose for a dining room and if this is going to be our forever home I will eventually be hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and you need a table for that. Thats what I tell Kyle anyway.

Thoughts? How do you like your dining room styled?

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