2 weeks and nothing crazy

I’m feeling a little pressure. Several of you have said how you love my stories, so funny, etc. Well I think this post might be a little boring. Something funny may have happened, but its all a blur.

So last Monday, my typical posting day, the WHOLE Camus clan was camping- with no cell service! So no post was written, so let me try to remember what happened the week before that. Its sad, my memory is getting terrible, I might need to carry around a little notebook.

Okay, so that week, the last week of July, whatever funny story may have happened in the Camus house I have totally forgotten. So nothing too dramatic must have happened or I’d remember. The highlight of the week… BEYONCE! Yes, my siblings and I, oh and Nicole all went to see Beyonce and Jay Z at Safeco field. It was amazeballs. My life dream is to dress and dance like Beyonce everyday. We started the evening at this Cajun-Louisana restaurant, Marcela’s Creole Cookery. OMG, my mouth waters just thinking about it. It was SO good. I literally licked the plate. I had a blackened Chicken creole creme pasta (Calories: 1 million). It was the best thing ever. And to top it off, a Hurricane beverage. I must take Kyle back there, it was just so delicious. So if you are headed to a Mariners game, or Seahawks, its just a few blocks from the fields and is worth it. Then you can walk it off headed to the game.


House status this week: Drawing and drawing and drawing.

So last week, August 4, the whole family went camping. There is property in Montesano, WA that has been in Kyle’s family for like 100 years on the Wynoochee River. There’s 10 acres, no electricity and no cell service. Everyone brings their trailers and RVs, I bring my tent. Yes I am a true camper and tent it. I don’t mind it actually. Though I totally use everyone elses fridges. I was good and did not use their bathrooms, I didn’t want to get blamed for filling their tanks. So I used the two-seater out house. Never know if you need to take a friend with you. The weather was perfect. I layed out and got too much sun, everyday. We walked up to the waterfall, this place in the river where the water falls over some rocks, we float the tubes over it and float around in this whirlpool for an hour or so, then float down the river back to camp. I ate way too much. It was nice and now I’m back to the grind. We had a little family bday party for Ellie, who turns 8 tomorrow! Crazy. Aunt Karlye made her a special “camping” cake. It’s was fabulous.

Also, Peyton finally ditched his training wheels on his bike. It took a whole 2 mintues and he was flying around the camp. Uncle Brandon also brought up some little quads, and he was flying around on that too. Makes me so nervous, but of course he loved it.


And yep that’s it. Like I said nothing too exciting. Kyle is pretty much done drawing the exterior and I hope that we are able to ship the newly drawn plans off to the engineer this week. The discussion has been all about: dormers or shed dormers…two, three, one big one, etc. I think we made a decision.  Kyle did start clearing the site on the property. It looks really open and there is a huge brush pile to burn. That ought to be interesting.

Oh and he’s found yet another cabinet place for me to go get a bid from. Seriously, this cab thing will kill me or make me stronger. Right now just having plywood boxes is really appealing.

One month down and little pink flags

The first month has gone by remarkably fast. This week my nephews came up from Portland to have a week at nana’s house. I must say that I did not think one more person could fit into the house. Well we fit two little boys…and the house looked like a tornado ripped through it for a week. The kids and the boys had a blast together, exhausted every night. I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad the week is over. I had a brief glimpse of what Sue (MIL) endured with 5 kids…and I’m not equipped to deal with all that.

I beleive this paragraph will conclude the “Breve the cat” saga. But don’t hold your breath. He of course returned to our old house. And the new owners are taking him in with open arms. We are welcome to visit him. I’m just glad he’s safe, and with a loving family. And we will for sure visit, Ellie has demanded it.

We received our bid for the house trusses…drum roll…$18k. Yes, took my breath away for a second. But that was about what our estimate was when we worked it out in our heads. So, I added that to the excel spreadsheet I created to keep track of all this estimating. The total number keeps getting bigger, weird.

Friday, I went on yet another bid for cabinets, and added in some doors and trim this time. Curious to see what they come back with, $$$. I swear all the names and colors are just a blur at this point. And I had this rule in my head for trim, that it needed to be 7% of the wall, so with 9 ft ceilings, that’s roughly 7in trim. 7in trim seemed really thick, so I felt comfortable with 6. Well, they didn’t carry 6. It came either 5.5in or 7.25in. So i picked 7.25 and thought Kyle could just cut it down to 6. He did not like that idea…so we’ll see.

Saturday I went antiquing with Nicole (SIL). First we hit up Country Chicks in Rochester. I stole a find from Nicole, these cute old canisters that are all white. There was a large and a small, $5 each! I’m thinking flower holders on the island. Next we went to Centrailia and hit the main drag, and they were having some antique fest in the street. Good finds. Though I get overwhelmed by it all. I found the cutest milk glass dish. My first purchase of the kind, and I’m sure there will be more.

Sunday Kyle and I marked the property for where we think the house will sit. This consisted of me holding some big tape measure thing, and him walking 100ft and yelling at me to tie pink string to the tree. This also required me to walk through the woods. It was muggy, and the mosquitos were everywhere because Kyle had brush hogged parts of the property the day before. So we tagged and ran. Kyle would be way back in one corner yelling, can you see me?! Obviously no! there are trees everywhere. So hopefully he’ll get to trimming those out soon. I’m a visual person and its just too wooded for me to get the full picture yet.

The weekend ended with me finishing up the laundry. No flooding this time. But as I went to throw in the whites, something RED caught my eye. Someone had, with red marker, drawn a star on my WHITE JEANS!!!! nearly fainted. One, I’ve gained a little weight and don’t have too many pants that fit, and this was a pair that does. So the fact that I may be down another pair of pants was scary. So of course I was like WHY would they do this?!!  I marched up stairs to ask Ellie if she knew who did it. In my head I could picture Peyton and my nephews each with a red marker. I knew my sweet, smart, obedient Ellie would not. The minute I asked her who’s guilty, while holding the evidence, she fessed up! Shocked is my best description to my reaction. And I couldn’t even yell, I was so blown away that it was her. Her reason was that she just wanted to draw on something other than paper. I don’t know what the best punishment should have been. But at that moment, sending her to bed was what I choose. She cried while I calmly (I was so proud of myself) talked to her and asked her why she would do that. Still no apology though… Then I was combing her hair, and I was pretty much done discussing it, I just wanted to add one last thing. I said Ellie, what you did really made me sad and hurt my feelings. That hit home, and she apologized. Hoping this was just a little acting out with all the craziness that went on the last 2 weeks.

Oh, I almost forgot to add this. I must say here I was so thankful that Sue (MIL) was around. She knew exactly how to get that marker out. We hairsprayed the shit out of it, with the purple Aussie hair spray of course. Appearantly hairspray is good at this stuff. Then Sue got the oxiclean detergent, not spray, and just scrubbed it into the marker. Kind of made a paste. We just kept going back and forth between the two chemicals. And it worked! Mama doesn’t have to go buy a new pair of white jeans. Cuz, its summer you know, they are a staple in my wardrobe right now.

So this week I’m told I’ll have the engineered plans Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunshine and ….Breve

Let me see if I can recap week 3: I started the week with offering to mow my in-laws grass. I love to mow actually. This shocks most people. I like riding on the mower…really not having to think about much. And of course, working on my tan. So Monday was a lovely day and I pulled out the tank and shorts and hopped on the mower. Now, this mower is new to me, so it took me over an hour to work out the kinks. This consisted of me scalping one part of the lawn, grass getting stuck in the blades and the mower shutting off…and well me taking a break or two. I finally got in the groove and mowed the placed. I was feeling so confindent that I decided to mow the sloped lawn between the in-laws house and Gma Lois’s house. Appearantly its steeper than it looks. I felt like I should have been wearing a seat belt. So did I mention I’m wearing shorts? I am, and my legs are grossly sweating on the plastic seat. Like I hit a bump and slide sweat. So this became really interesting on the mountain (hill). I completed it, but I must say…I didn’t think I was going to finish it without some sort of crashing either climbing up or flying down the hill.

In the never ending saga of Breve the cat….As you read in last Mondy’s post, he was lost. We went camping and I couldn’t find him. We yelled and looked, and still no luck. So Thursday I’m at work, and I get a text from Chantelle (new house owner), and the text reads “Does this belong to you?” And you know what, its a picture of Breve! Yes, that stinker went ALL THE WAY (1 mile) back to our old house! I loved Chantelle’s telling of her finding him: She opened the door, and out he pops from under her car…yelling at her. She was so nice, and went to Traders Joes and got him some cat food. I tried to explain that now he will NEVER leave, because he gets the cheap stuff at the store, Friskies. So he has been back now several days…and has stayed. Though he usually is not easy to find in the mornings. So when he shows up late afternoon/evening he’s starving and yells. Hopefully he’ll settle in to a routine here shortly, otherwise Chantelle may be adopting him 🙂

I went and had my eyebrows waxed and tinted this week! never done that. And to be honest its been a really long time since I’ve maintained by brows. In my mind…they looked fine. Well I was horribly wrong.  A little maintence can make a BIG difference. Take care of your self girls!! 

Oh and the REAL highlight of my week, no it was not finding Breve, was dinner with our relator Jessica Chase and her husband. Love her. She made this whole process of listing and selling our house so easy. She’s amazing. If you are in the Oly area and need a realtor to sell or buy a home, you must use her. I’m not kidding.  And now I have a new friend too. So it was really a win-win. We went to dinner down at Heathfire on the water. Enjoyed the sun, though Kyle hated that part. We ate and sipped mojitos. In the end we closed down the place! haven’t said that in a long time. Granted the restaurant closed at 10, but still I feel really proud about that.

This is a house blog after all right? So the pain in my side currently…among a lot of things actually, is cabinets. There is such a HUGE range. You can go custom. You can go semi-custom. You can scrounge some kitchen cabs for $7k, or you can blow your wad for $30k+. Its such a dilemina. I want quality. This isn’t something I want to remodel in 10 years. Nor do I want my hinges falling off. So Kyle has me getting bids it feels like from every single cabinet maker in the NW. We have meet with a custom cabinet maker, BeechTreeWoodworks, and I’m in love with his ideas, his heart for the project, etc. And I know I will get exactly what I’m paying for. But in the end…it doesn’t get me every single cabinet area I need (aka laundry cabs) and its at the top of the budget for that area. So I’m getting one more bid…and then I’m making a decision. Any tips on this is GREATLY needed. Again though, I know everyone has a different opinion about cabinets too.

The other thing bothering me is just everything is sooooo slow. And actually its not that its slow, but so out of my control. You just have to sit and wait for John Doe to do X, and then Scuba Steve needs the info from X to do Y…and they say 2 weeks, but you’re currently on week 4 and still nothing. Okay, I’ve vented.

So all that got accomplished this week was Kyle meeting with the well drilling guy on Sunday, and he’s got us in the schedule for sometime in the next 3 weeks….right. #$(% !!!

Oh…actually the more I think about it, a lot happened this past week! We also got to spend some QT with our friends the Chases (different from Jessica 🙂 ). And we had a lovely time crashing at their lake home all weekend. Peyton LOVES the Chases. He asks when we will see them all the time. It doesn’t hurt that they a) have a mountin of hot wheel cars for him to play with b) have a house where he can swim all day.  So we bbq’d and took boat rides, and the kids got to get in some tube time. This coming week is going to have some competition!