Our First Home

When Kyle called me to tell me he found us a home I was excited. He told me how great the property was, an amazing investment, near our families…. only he had to go put money down on it RIGHT now. It wasn’t a conventional sale. Long story short, he bought it without me ever seeing it.

So a few days later, he drives me to it. And I laugh, “oh Kyle, you are so funny!” yep I said that. I thought it was a joke. There was no way this shamble of a house was our future home. Well thank goodness he had a vision, becasue all I saw was a tear down.

Kyle gutted the house. It was a year long process. He literally pulled everything out, to the dirt floors. And we (I say WE, but I mean Kyle) rebuilt it from the inside out. There were times, I didn’t think WE would survive it still married. But we did. And in the end I finally saw what he saw from the very begining. It turned out to be an amazing first home. And in this home we brought two babies home and made a lot of memories.

At that same time, we also got lucky and were able to purchase some land from his grandparents. This was to be our starter home, our investment, so that in 5-10 years we could go build our forever home. Well before we knew it, 10 years hit us! Kyle wasn’t so sure he was ready to let go of this first house. But I did my wifely duty and said…let’s move along. I’m sure I didn’t say it exactly like that, but you get the point. So to memorilize that house, and all the amazing work WE (klye) did, here is the snapshots of it.

Specs: 2377 sqft rambler. 4bdrm 2bath. 8.38 acres.

I can’t get the pretty pictures to transfer….so go to this link!


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