About ME

Building a house and living with the in-laws

Camus Road Blog is a first hand chronology of the design, planning and construction of a modern-farmhouse rambler in WA. As well as everything else that is going on in our life.


I’m Mandy, and I decided to blog about this crazy new adventure my family (Kyle, Me, Ellie and Peyton) have just jumped into. We just recently sold our home which we had lived in for nearly 10 years. We remodeled it…and loved it. And at the same time 10 years ago, we purchased a piece of property on my husband’s family homestead. We knew someday we would build our forever home there. Well now is that time. We sold our house rather quickly and nothing is ready on our new place, NOTHING. So we are living with my in-laws, who also live on Camus Road. I’ve been in the family 11+ years, so both sides know what they’re getting. Also, my SIL and BIL, Karlye and Josh, are also living on my in-laws property in the garage apt (aka Treehouse) because they too suddenly sold their home before they had found a new one. Because of so many of us are living on the property we commonly refer to the in-laws place as the compound. I know this year will be comical, and stressful, this is my documentation of that. So I don’t have to constantly post to Facebook about these stories, if you want to know…read my blog. And also, maybe someone can relate.

This won’t be a in-law bashing blog. I won’t be saying anything here I wouldn’t say to their face. Under my breath maybe 🙂 I also want to document the craziness of building a home and all that goes into it. Wish me luck and hope you enjoy my adventures.

CAMUS RD Characters:

Ron and Sue- In-laws (kyle’s parents) (on Camus Rd)

My Family! (Me, Kyle, Ellie and Peyton) (building on Camus Rd, living with Ron and Sue)

Lynsie (kyle’s sister), and her family: Brandon, Zach and Drew. (not on Camus Rd)

Karlye (kyle’s sister), and her family: Josh and Bailey (Camus Rd, living in the Treehouse! Remodeling Gma’s house on Camus Rd)

The Twins: Mikel and Tyler (kyle’s brothers) with their wives, Alyssa and Nicole (not on Camus Rd)

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