Dirt + Dirt + Dirt

This is not a fun stage. I see progress…but its all brown. It was quite muddy on Friday. Then by Sunday it was frozen dirt. All forms of browness. Kyle and my brother-in-laws spent the entire holiday weekend working on our property. They worked on the road/driveway. Then cleared more trees, and burned lots and lots of brush. The dug the trench for the power company to come and lay the power line stuff..or whatever they put in the trench. And at last they put pretty little pink flags on the stakes to mark the corners of the house.

Now I know my house is plenty big. But when you are standing at one stick, and looking at the other stick…it seems so small. I was assured plenty of times that it is just fine. Sue and I went up on Friday to help place the house. Kyle needed to know exactly where I wanted it to sit, angled, etc. In the end, Sue drove us around on the 4 wheeler so we could get to what would be the back yard. That was extremely entertaining. We were all bundled up and creeping along slowing over big mud piles. A boy would have been flying through it, we were squealing.

So I think everything looks right. Again, its all so brown its just hard for me to visualize. I believe the next step is to dig out for the foundation. So maybe that will help me SEE the footprint a little better. Which that’s all I heard about all weekend from the BILs “your footprint is so huge!” I get it, its a rambler, its going to be big.
Ron bought a new excavator (well new to him) and brought it home Friday. He was up at the top of the hill with it when I was leaving. Peyton in his totally amazed voice says “Did we get a new excavator!” Boys and big toys are always amazing.

This Wednesday will mark 2 weeks since we turned in our paperwork for building permits. No word yet, but that’s not a shocker. Maybe we’ll hear something this week, but no one will be holding their breathe.

So while the men were up at the property doing the manly chores, the women were down at the house helping clean out what I refer to as the hoarder rooms. Now granted, Sue’s home has been a dumping ground for all her kids stuff, or stuff from their weddings, etc. And because she has had all this “stuff” it’s come in handy during family events. But things were just a little out of control, and well she just couldn’t see what she even had. So day 1 we tackled the ONE bedroom not being occupied and is a holding area for all these party supplies. Karlye got some shelving from home depot and we whipped that together and loaded it up. We found lots of family heirlooms as well as business paperwork from 1975. By the end of the day we had a pile to burn/garbage, we had a good will pile and there was a clean room with a bed for guests. Very successful

Day 2 consisted of the hoarder closet down in the basement. Let me tell you, none of us will EVER have to buy ribbon for a gift again. Sue has collected every color, pattern and width of ribbon ever made. She is always asked to do wedding flowers, so she has bought ribbon for those projects. She loves making wreaths and is good at it, so she has a ton of ribbon for those craft projects, and then of course there is ribbon just for gift wrapping. I swear I organized over 500 rolls. But now she can see what she has, and I can see what I can borrow.

We survived the holiday with lots and lots of family. We got to make authentic Mexican tamales with my brothers fiancé and her family. That only took 4 hours. I am all about the Costco ones now. Also, I got made fun of because apparently you don’t eat the corn husk, its just to keep it all together. Well I did not know that! After spending all that time spreading the corn mix on the husk, and steaming it I figured you got to eat it too. But after one bite, and it was really tough, I second guessed that. Everyone had a good laugh at me. Granted authentic taste amazing. I ate way too much pie. I love it, pecan, pumpkin and banana crème.

Friday, to help do something after eating so much pie, I went to a barre fitness class at Focus Fitness here in Olympia. OMG, it was so great and so hard. I am not a sweater. In fact I’ve asked my dad if maybe my sweat glands are broken because I just don’t really sweat. Well this class proved they aren’t broken. Now I know what Ballerina’s and dancers are in such amazing shape. I highly recommend a class if you are looking for something different to add to your routine.

Hopefully I can report something fun next week. We are nearing the end of 2014 and my Christmas wish is to be breaking ground by the new year. It’ll be close.