Wood and Walls

Blogger is just not cooperating lately with me and my photos. Frankly, its been a real PITA. So excuse the technical difficulties.
So much got accomplished this past weekend. Seeing the drawing of my house come to life has been amazing. The kids are SO excited. Running all around the house and becoming familiar with all the new spaces. And of course, their rooms. We’ve made a few tweeks here and there. The pantry wall is being moved back 2 feet which gains me 2 ft of cabinets and counters in the kitchen. The front rooms have finally been decided: His and Her office spaces. We just kept calling it a flex room because we had no idea what to do with the space. Now Kyle will have his own office to do construction business, and I will have mine to take care of family business, and sewing, and wrapping station, etc! so excited. And I’m sure the changes aren’t over. But its all for the better and this is just going to be the best house and I can’t wait to live in it.