WIWW- Leopard!

Leopard is a neutral. And if you don’t agree we can’t be friends. Ellie even has leopard in her wardrobe. The outfit I actually wanted her to wear today we couldn’t find the leggings to, of course. So we had to go to plan b.

My outfit:
Top: CAbi Fall 2014 poppy top
Leggings: CAbi old, similar Fall 2014
Shoes: JCrew Martina calf hair wedges
Necklace: Bon Lemon

Ellie’s outfit:
We bought this school shopping this year at the Gymboree outlet. So not sure if it was a last season or what. She rocks it.

Top: Gymboree (similar here, here)
Jeans: Gymboree (Ebay size 5, similar herehere, here)
Boots: GAP biker boots

Linked Up with: Tucker Up, The Pleated Poppy, Because Shanna Said So


So my little sister is on a trip with our brother to the Big Easy aka New Orleans. I’m so jealous. I’ve only been once, and was memorable trip 🙂 So in typical little sister fashion, she needed to borrow several items from my closet. So I did not get to go on a vacation, but my clothes did. They’re so lucky.

Dress: Nordstrom Summer 2013                                        Tank: Target Summer 2014

Now this was not a feature I was planning on adding, but I could not resist. This is what is called a FASHION NO NO moment. You are not in hiding, there is such a thing as bad camo, and this is how you don’t do it. I did not steal this off any website. Saw it with my own eyes picking up Ellie at school. I think the overkill is with the camo purse. I just don’t have words.

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