Missing kitty & flooded laundry room

Week two flew by, with little to report. We all, the whole Camus clan (minus Lynsie), went to the family property on the Wynoochee River on Thursday for camping over the holiday weekend. The weather was OK. I like it to be HOT if i’m going to camp, but it was nice to be technology free for four days- does reading a book on my iphone count?

So since we were going to be gone for 4 days, I couldn’t leave the cat in the house. Maybe this blog needs to be renamed to be something about the cat… Any way, So I filled up a big bowl of food and one for water and set him up an area in the shop/garage. That way he would have shelter but could still be outside. Well we returned yesterday and he’s no where to be found. I’d like to hope he’s just off hunting and will return. He did do this a few times at our old house.

Since I had only yesterday to do laundry before the work week began, I asked Sue (MIL) if she would mind if I hogged it for the day, which was fine with her. I had a load or two under my belt when I moved a few things around in the room, to make room for more dirty baskets. Well…I must have “knocked” the facuet on the utility sink and didnt noticed the water on (its one of those cord facuets, so it was hanging in the drain…very technical explanation I know). Well Karlye (SIL living on compound, in tree house) had given her dog a bath and left a rag in the sink…which was clogging the drain. We all see where this is going. So I was getting my tan on outside, when i decided to go check on the status of the current load. I walk into the room, the sink is pouring over the edges and the floor is COVERED in water. SHIT SHIT SHIT. Sue was already in a fabulous mood, this was going to be the cherry on top, I knew it. I emptied my entire towel basket and started soaking up as much water as possible. Then I went to the base of the staris and hollered for Sue…and to confess my accident.

It all ended well…she was relatively calm. Really it was one of those things that you just throw your hands up at. We all pitched in and cleaned. If anything maybe I should get a thank you 🙂 now her floors are all clean and the cabinets cleaned out. Or not.

New house status: Septic approved (only took 9 weeks)…waiting on well. So boring…


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