Blind as a Bat

We are approaching the end to our first week here living with my in-laws. Nothing too crazy has happened. Everyones been on their best behavior. Its been an adjustment, kids are sleeping together in the same room, our shower is SMALL- like can’t even hike my leg up to shave SMALL. But hey, thats OK, its rent free…and its only for a year.

So we have our cat, Breve, who up until now has been an indoor/outdoor cat. He’s been adjusting to life as an indoor cat. I’ve heard cats don’t move well, so I felt making him indoor was the safest. The first night was rough, with him howling to go out at 3am. I let him out and wished him the best of luck. The next day he had me hiking into the woods to rescue him. He hasn’t left since.

So four days later…he howls again in the middle of the night to go out. I kindly walk him to the door, he sticks his head out to assess the situation. I decide hey, i’ll just leave the door cracked for him, so he can dart back in if needed. Genius. I lay back down, and 5 minutes later he’s howling at my door like lassie the dog. Seriously cat…what now. I jot down the stairs and see him fixated on some blurry object on the floor. Ok, I am so blind. can not see ANYTHING without my glasses. So i can tell its not a mouse…and its making some weird noise…and moving FAST. Then its up in the air…and I’m shrieking…no the kids don’t wake up to their mom shrieking. Kyle bolts down, WHAT?! Oh its a BAT, a freaking bat is in my in-laws living room, and the cat is going nuts. I run up stairs for safety and leave Kyle to figure it out. He and the cat team up apparently. The bat is flying, the cat leaps to the back of the couch, and as the bat flies by, he leaps on it and takes it to the floor. Seriously where is the camera! Kyle throws a towel on it and tosses it outside.

Did I mention my in-laws are NOT home…not sure how I will explain how I let a bat into their house the first weekend we live here. Let see if this story stays in my top 10 after the first year. Kyle comes back to bed and says “what have we learned from this? we throw the cat out and SHUT the door.”

I excitedly tell the kids the next morning, and their only question is “who did it bite?!” I said well lets see who turns into a vampire and then we’ll know. They didn’t laugh.

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