Inspiration: Front Doors

Doors I feel are such a focal point. And something that really makes a statmement about your house and what you are about to walk in to. The minute I saw this door, I said this is THE door for my house. Whats not to like.

 Paul Moon Design: Yarrow Point House
If I will have a black door, blue door, yellow door or red I do not know yet. But it looks great in fun colors too
For those of you that missed out on my artwork on Mondays post, here is some more with me attempting to still pick colors. So you get an idea of where our door is placed, etc.
I know, you’re amazed at my skills. Its like an exact version. I’m a visual person and I have to see it somehow on paper or person to understand what it will look like. Telling me does not work. I charge a small design fee if you like to send me pics, I can color your house too 🙂 I’m sure my inbox will be overflowing with requests.
Now as you can see from our exterior , there is a family entrance/mud room entrance whatever you want to call it. Here I want a dutch door.

Don’t go visit, her blog outshines mine. j/k

I doubt my mudroom will ever look this clean. Maybe on day 1, but doubtful. There is no poll for this inspiration because my mind is made up on these decisions. 1 of 1000 I know. Hope you like my inspirations. See you Monday. 

Inspiration: Exterior

So I am told that the first major design decision I need to make is the exterior. Like what siding do I want, what pattern, etc. Color comes later (I think) but it has to be all planned out. I have thought a lot about this, and there are tons of different options. So I’ll show you my faves, and what the pros and cons are to me. Then you take the survey below and help me. Who doesn’t love a survey?!

Option 1: I LOVE this color. This is the Young House Love show house. The color is called newburg green by Benjamin Moore. I think its a nice pop of color without screaming. I see it being a nice alternative to the greys and browns. And I like how this house has a cozy PNW feel to it with the natural cedar.
Pros: Color, Ceadar accents, white trim, rock trim, single post, shingle siding painted and lap siding.
Cons: Can the same concept be acheived on a single story, kyle is not a fan of painted shingles

Option 2: I like how clean and neutral this look is. Its a classic, something everyone likes. I like how it uses a combo of all the materials: lap, shingle and board & batten. Plus the rock. And this has the dlb post colums.
Pros: Color, materials.
cons: Do I want grey like everyone else? Well all the materials make it look pieced together?

Option 3: Now you could go grey or blue with this scheme….which I like. Again, great PNW feel with the natural shingles. I don’t like the rock they used, but thats easy to change. Has shed and peak dormers like us. And its hard for me to tell, but I think this house has grey windows.

Pros: mix of color and materials.
cons: Looks like we counldn’t decide and threw everything on the house.

Whats a girl to do?! Kyle is on the fence about blue. He loves grey. He hates white…but its so clean and crisp. But we do live in the PNW where it rains, so would the house also have dirt splats on it?
This house is Chip and Joanna Gaines (Magnolia) house in Waco, TX. Of course I have a special place for that since I lived in waco for almost 3 years. I love Joanna’s style and so wish I could go visit her shop for some decor. You can watch them on HGTV on their show Fixer Upper. They have great ideas.
Now granted, all these pics show houses with WHITE windows and WHITE trim. BUT, I’m not married to that. Because I have seen a lot of houses with black or grey windows too. And I kind of like it.

 So what would you do? To remember what our exterior looks like, go to the Floor Plan page and they are almost at the bottom. There is no pic of the back, but it too has two peaks.  
 I think the survey’s are fun. I love getting your feedback. Do you like the surveys? Also, I think I set the answers to let you pick multiple answers, if you can’t commit to just one- story of my life. So that may or may not be helpful 🙂
*Click NEXT at the end to submit the survey.

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Inspiration: Living Room

Survey says: There is a survey at the bottom of the post. Help a girl out with all these decisions! Click NEXT button to submit survey answers. Thank You!!

I Figured I would focus on this room next, since its in the main area of the Kitchen and dining too. We have a large open concept as you will be able to see from the layout on the floor plan page.  So everything needs to flow together well. Not sure how I will pull that off, but I’m gonna try. Again our walls/ceiling will be 9ft and vaulted. So it’ll have a nice big feel. I’ve seen pictures with a big lighting piece in the middle…and I like that sometimes. Kyle will most likely want to just go with can lights, and I’m ok with that too. My “not gonna budge” platform is pedants above the island in the kitchen. So I could spend more there if I don’t get a big light above the living room.  Also, there will be a big light hanging down in the entry way, and you will see that from the LR. So I don’t want to over-do it (can’t belived I said that!)

One feature that Kyle and I agree on is the patio slider. We were originally going with a 16’w x 8’h slider. Kyle consulted with some GC’s he works with and they don’t love them. They said for some reason the 16′ tend to have leak issues, and if you go down to the 12′ they just haven’t seen that happen. So we were like “eh, 12′ works.” So it will be a 4-panel 12′ slider. Like this, except no upper windows on ours, these are most likely 10ft walls/ceiling:

Now, as far as furniture goes, I’m all over the place I feel. I think I really want a sectional couch. This way a lot of people can sit in the LR, its comfy, etc. I also like chairs with fun patterns and a rustic/industrial sort of coffee table. I don’t feel I’ll need lamps, or a bunch of tables for knick knacks- not my thing. But side tables are good for beverages.

So I am a visual person. And I have found it hard to find pictures of living rooms without a fireplace as the main focal point. We will just have a wall with a TV mounted on it. Might do a built-in cabinet, might not. The wall is not a full wall, there will be an opening to go to the hall to the kids rooms. This one picture seems to be an exact replica of what we’ll have, just flip flopped (opening to hall on left, not right)

Okay, now side point- What is the story with all this white boards/planks for walls and ceiling?! I get that its part of the farmhouse look. But I just don’t think I can make that design commitment. All I can think about is how 30 years ago cedar/wood paneling was big, and now it looks horrific. And in every remodel show people are ripping that off the walls. So would I be doing that with the white boards? HELP! What do you like in your living room? Is it all about comfort? Style? or just a hodge podge of sutff?


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Inspiration: Dining Room

So last Thursdays inspiration post focused on the kitchen, I though this week I would share the dining room since they are connected. As you read last week, I will have a black and white kitchen primarily. And I like the industrial pendants, and barstools. So with my dining room part of me was thinking to soften that look a little, and then I also like the farmhouse looks too. For me the big investment should be the table. Something I will love and will last through style changes. Chairs are a huge desgin factor, you can add color texture and everything between with chairs. Chairs also get stained and worn, so I have to get something that will possibly be changed 5 years later. Here’s my top 3 looks so far:

As you can see, I like the fabric chairs and a different chair for the ends. Such a defining seat. A Dining room should feel comfotable and inviting, with a touch of WOW. For me anyways. Also, I want a kickass light. Statment piect. I really like the idea of a bench too at the table, along the backside. Kyle hates it, says how will people get in and out easily. I don’t think of that, just that it looks cute. Idea #2 has a bench with it:

What’s funny, I’m really curious to see if we ever eat in it! We had a “nook” in our last house with a small 4 person round table. We probably ate at it a dozen times the whole 9 years we lived there. We are a bar family, always up at the counter eating. But there is definetly a purpose for a dining room and if this is going to be our forever home I will eventually be hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and you need a table for that. Thats what I tell Kyle anyway.

Thoughts? How do you like your dining room styled?

View my enitre dining room inspirations on HOUZZ.

Inspriation: Kitchen

So on Thursdays I’m going to start doing house inspirations posts. This is a house building blog, in addition to document our living arrangements. I’ll break it down by rooms, and I welcome all feedback.

The area of my main focus has been the kitchen. The cabinets, its all I ever talk about right?! My want is to have a black and white kitchen. To me, thats a classic. I can change the bar stools, I can add color with bowls and accessorys, but the staple of black and white will always be the backdrop. Seems easy. The idea is…now its which cabinets, which countertops even! ugh. So here are the photos that are inspring me now…until I find one I like better.

This is the pic that started the black and white idea. This kitchen is more modern than what i’m thinking. But overall, color and lights, is what I like. 

But of course there are other photos..with different things I like with rustic touches.

Beyond color is also the details. I like the shaker cabinet look the best. I don’t want too many grooves. Also, function. Subway backsplash is a must, as well as super fabulous bar stools.

And then countertops. Whats a girl to choose. I really like the idea of Absolute black honed granite for the white perimeter cabinets. I hear those who hate black..always looks dirty. Then when it comes to the island, I just don’t know. Marble is too pourous. I don’t want just plain white. But if it has movement it has to be just right, becasue there will be a seam. Such hard decisions. And there are pros and cons to them all. I wish one would jump out and have a flashing light saying “I’m the perfect top!” That would be too easy though. 

And to top it all off, literally, is height. Do I have the cabs go to the ceiling with molding? Or Stagger? Or just leave space? My ceilings are 9ft…so either way works, just depends on how much $$ we want to spend.

To see all my kitchen ideas, because there are a lot, check out my HOUZZ Kitchen idea book as well as my Pintrest Future Camus Street Home.