Did we do this right?

And when I say “did WE do this right”, I mean Kyle did you mess up. So Kyle takes me up to the property yesterday to walk through the layout. Now all that’s there is what I showed you last week, boards all around set up for the cement footings to be poured. Guys I was scared. I got all high-pitched and was like “Kyle, did you measure this right?!” It seems so small. Obviously it is not, but in that giant outside space, I’m looking from one corner to another and I’m trying to figure out in my pretty little head how two bedrooms and a bathroom-  jack/jill bath btw- are supposed to fit in that space. I just don’t get it or SEE it. After my slight hyperventilating (did you hear me Mike and Shari?) Kyle assured me all the measurements are right. I’m just going to have to trust him and some guy named Ted who’s helping him out. 

Kyle was a bit annoyed, not at me for the moment, that the county was supposed to come out on Friday and do an erosion inspection. Shockingly, no one came. And of course, we can’t have the inspection for the footing braces done until the erosion inspection is checked off…and the cement trucks come tomorrow. Yep. So Kyle was in freak-out mode. But his builder friend Ted made some calls and supposedly the county was going to come out today and tomorrow morning to fix it all up. I am fairly certain that this is going to be the pattern throughout this build.

So hopefully tomorrow the footings are poured, and then I have no idea what the next thing is. I think then they have to do some more rebar stuff…more forms and then maybe the full foundation. I have no idea. I’m trying to figure out what counter tops I want (still) and If I want all white cabs for the kitchen or maybe do the island in an espresso. This is what keeps me up at night. This early stage stuff is boring, but obviously necessary to get to the parts I think are important.

Christmas is this week and I’m still waiting for a few packages to be delivered (please don’t disappoint Amazon Prime). I have been eating horribly, and loving every minute of it. Except my pants, they are not loving the tightness. Tis the season.

This weeks highlights were hanging out with Peyton Friday. He was so stinking cute. I had him dressed up in these H&M jeans with suspenders- he asks “are this like daddys work jeans?”, and his new NY hat that nana and papa brought home for him. He was at the nail salon with me (kyle cringes) and the owners little boy was there, looked to be 5 too, and the boy told Peyton he was super handsome! Peyton was sooooo shy. My nails turned out fabulous too I think. Then Friday night I had my book club xmas party. No book this month, just wine…so it was a regular meeting 🙂 Love my BC girls and looking forward to another year.

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