WIWW: Bright Print + TWINS

It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear greys and blacks all the time. Today’s outfit is a great spring dress converted over to winter with some tights and boots. Side note– I am not a CAbi rep. I am just a loyal customer. CAbi clothes are perfect for my work wear and my casual wear. So I have a lot of it. Just needed to throw out that disclaimer. Also my SIL Nicole wore this same dress today. Yes we totally called each other and planned it. We love being pretend twins. We have a lot of the same pieces because our styles are so similar. Do you have a pretend twin? Isn’t it the best! We call ourselves Danny and Arnold (Twins movie, 1988). Since I am 5’2″ and Nicole is 6′, its obvious who’s who.

       Daily Look: CAbi Spring '13 Printed Shirt Dress, styled for our chilly mornings with our vintage Shrunken Cardigan, black sweater tights and black boots.                                                                       

I’m loving this dress paired with the cardigans and belt. I’ll have to remember that for the next time I wear it. This jacket is fun and lightweight. It is great to dress it up or down.

Jacket: CAbi Spring 2013 Convertible poppy red jacket
Dress: CAbi Spring 2013 Printed shirt dress
Boots: Ralph Lauren, old.

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4 thoughts on “WIWW: Bright Print + TWINS

  1. Amanda Camus says:

    Oh Darcy you are missing out! CAbi stands for Carol Anderson by Invitation. By going to their site you can find a local sales rep, you host a party (think 31, Pampered Chef, etc) and all your friends come. The rep gives a presentation of that seasons line (they do Spring and Fall). At the end you and all your friends get to try items on and shop together. Its the best time ever! I've been shopping CAbi for over 4 years now. I still wear items from the first time I bought them. They wear great, and last a long time with proper care.


  2. Amanda Camus says:

    Alice the quality is so good. Makes the higher price point justifiable. One of my first purchases 4+ years ago was a pair of ponte black leggings. I still wear them weekly and the look brand new. Those things have been thru the wash 100+ times.


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