The Shit we said this week

I was trying to think how best to tell these mini conversations, or vocabulary breakdowns.  Hopefully this style gets the stories across the best and you get a good laugh.

Conversation #1- Mandy & Sue
Scene: Mandy and Sue in basement watching HGTV (obviously) Sue in her recliner (aka Blob) on her kindle .
SUE: The FYI seems not to be working
MANDY: The what?
SUE: The FYI, I can’t get the Internet to come up.
MANDY: (laughing) Do you mean the Wi-Fi?!!!
SUE: Yeah, why? What did I say?
MANDY: (still laughing) You called it the FYI!!
SUE: Oh! (laughing) Well that’s what happens when you’re old.

Conversation #2- Mandy & Josh
Scene: Mandy and Josh looking over a house plan
MANDY: So look at this great kitchen nook, it has a buffet (Buff-fet) and everything
JOSH: Do you mean a buffet? (Buff-fay)
MANDY: No, a BUFF-FET. A BUFF-FAY is where you go eat. A BUFF-FET is a hutch thingy in the kitchen
JOSH: Seriously this is as bad as WOLF (woof). **Side note: I can’t say WOLF, I say WOOF. So the whole family makes fun of me and wants to go appliance shopping with me so they can see the salesman’s face when I ask about WOLF (woof) ranges.

Conversation #3- Sue to everyone
Scene: Josh, Karlye, Me and Sue in kitchen- dinner prep.
SUE: (on phone) Yeah this places sounds yummy. I’ll call and see if they take reservations.
SUE: Mandy, where would I find a phone number if its not in the phone book?
MANDY: The Internet, that’s where you find everything
SUE: oh yeah, ok i’ll look.
KARLYE: what number are you looking for?
SUE: The number to that restaurant Good Guys.
JOSH: You mean the burger place, Five Guys?!
SUE: Yeah that one!
MANDY: Why do you need to call the burger place?
SUE: We want to have our girls group birthday dinner there and I was going to call and make a reservation
MANDY: Please let us hear this phone call as you call a burger place to make reservations!
KARLYE: Mom, you don’t make reservations, its a burger joint, like HERFY’S.
SUE: Oh! well I didn’t know!!

Conversation #4- Karlye and Josh
Scene: Same as #3
KARLYE: How many 1/8 inch are in an inch?
JOSH: Seriously?!
KARLYE: Yeah, Like 1/8 inch, how many make an inch?
JOSH: Okay, think about this…
KARLYE: Oh!!! 8!!
JOSH: Oh my god!

Yes this sums up most of how our conversations go at this house. Someone is always saying something stupid, and everyone hears it and makes fun of you for it. Then I come and put it on the blog to share with the world.

HOUSE UPDATE: So Kyle went to the county on Friday. He had his meeting with the planning department and everyone was giving the OK for applying for the permits. We had everyting ready, all forms filled out, etc. Then Mr. A-HOLE comes out from the roads department… and he proceeds to tell Kyle that because our property is inbetween 2 county roads, we need to have a scoping/drainage report done. Typically these reports are required for smaller parcels. But are also required on a larger parcel like ours due to the 2 roads. Kyle argured for a while that Camus Rd isn’t a county rd, they don’t maintain it, etc. The county guy argued it shows in their system, so it is (of course). So this report consists of a geotechnical engineer coming out to look at the soils and stuff to determine where the rain/water runoff will go. The fee for the county to review the report is $130 + the fee to the engineer for the report which is est. $1700. So yeah for things being delayed several more weeks.

A plus side was Kyle went into a business on Thursday to pick up some parts for his work. And they just so happened to be having an office BBQ with a raffle. So Kyle threw in his name and his dads, why not. Well they called Friday and Kyle WON a Vizio 42″ Smart TV and Ron won a camping stove. Whoop Whoop. So we have no where to put the TV, but we have one! Its the little things people.

Saw this gem on Sunny Side Up blog, loved it, had to have it.

Peyton got a haircut Saturday. I tried to get a picture. I said “Smile, like a really happy smile.” This is what I got.

And the in-laws and Karley and Josh all went out of town this weekend, I volunteered to watch Bailey. She kept me busy, but I loved every minute. Except the poopy diaper minutes.

And I got my nails done. I was trying to be good, and not do it. We are building a house after all. I attempted to do my nails myself for 2 months. I broke down, I couldn’t stand the chipping, and the overall badness of my self manicures. 

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