3rd month of ______ (fill in the blank)

It could be called the 3 month mark of being homeless. Or the 3 month mark of chaos. Perhaps the 3 month mark of no one has tried to strangle each other, yet. The 3 month mark of complete joy just seems like a lie.

I realize this is so not a real world problem. We have a beautiful home we are being able to stay in. And there are lots of pluses…but this week those minuses were wearing my patience thin. Deep breaths. Plus I think the feeling of the new house being so at a stand still doesn’t help. Today I’m getting copies of the plans made, and we are going to the BANK! Why that gets to be in bold is because that means money will soon start to be spent. We are opening an account at a local bank to hold all our “house” money. So that its not all mingled in with our bills and spending money. And in the end, if we need a little financing, the bank can easily look at this account to see all the payments. That’s the thought anyways. Kyle meets with the county permit guy on Wednesday to submit everything. And then we hold our breath for an unknown amount of time. And this is all I’ve got on the house front. Not a whole lot.

Camus family update: It was a mellow week. Typical cheer schedule. Ellie did get to change it up a bit with doing a clinic with the Capital High School drill team. She went there Saturday morning and learned a routine, and then she gets to perform with them at a football game in a few weeks. She’ll love that. Friday Ellie’s school had an all school BBQ, I had the day off so Peyton and I went and had lunch with her. Oh and Friday night we hung out with some of my friends, and the host had just installed a zip line in their front yard. So we did not see the kids for the entire 2+ hours. Best toy ever and I’m told we have to have one at the new house. Obviously if it keeps them away from me for that long.

I went grocery shopping on Saturday and I had to send my girlfriends a message because I was baffled. I’m at the store and Kyle tells me he needs deodorant. I swing over to that aisle and I’m checking out the options. The Old Spice brand catches my eye and I notice they have a “Swagger” sent. WHAT?! When did swagger get a smell? And then of course what the hell does swagger smell like? I just was so confused I didn’t know what to do, so I grabbed the degree bottle and ran. When I tell Kyle this story, and ask what does swagger smell like, he replies “like me”. Ugh, no no I am fairly confident that is not right.

And to end your day with a smile. My little sister got the new iPhone 6, and she left it on the counter without a password installed on it yet. So I did what any good big sister would do and took a lovely selfie and installed it as her wallpaper and screen saver. How lucky is she?! You’re welcome April.

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