Another week, another wedding

Kyle has a large family. He has 4 siblings, plus his parents have multiple siblings and therefore he has a shitload of cousins. So we have gone through all his siblings being married, and Ellie & Peyton were in all of those weddings. Now we are moving on to the cousins, and they were in this wedding too. I kind of joke that Ellie is like 27 dresses, she has been a flower girl half a dozen times, and already has another wedding lined up for next summer. She’s going to get a big head about this thinking shes some kind of flower girl queen.


So in typical fashion, I had put off getting Ellie the silver shoes she needed for the wedding. Of course we had some, but they had been worn all summer and now were on their last threads. Ellie had a cheer game at 9:30, so I got us ready quickly and we headed to the store to try and find anything. First we hit Target and they had nothing, literally. I don’t know if they had some mad sale or what but there were literally no girls shoes. So we jotted across the parking lot. Famous footwear was not open yet, of course and Ross was set to open in like 10 minutes. So we waited. I’m not a Ross shopper, I just never think to shop there. My SIL Karlye loves it, and always finds cute stuff. I am just terrible at searching through the racks for one gem. Anyways, so they open and we happen to find one pair of silver shoes that I’m like “these will work”. On our way out I spot something houdstooth, and I’m a sucker for that print, and this had faux leather trim to top it off. I grab it and its the most adorable stinking little girls jacket ever, Ellie must have it. Of course it looks like something I would actually wear, but her size. Which is totally ok. She likes it too, so its a win-win. oh did I mention its $11.99, SCORE! She also spots this red, black and white dress which I don’t love, but she insists its amazing and she needs it. Its $8 so I cave. I’m creating a monster and this will surely bite me in the ass when shes 16. I hop over to my dress sizes just to look. I don’t find anything but had to laugh as Ellie was helping me look, she spots a dress a few pieces down and states loudly “oh my gosh, leopard print!” Yep, all mine.

 The GEM find at Ross for Ellie
Thursday night was book club night. And the host had these great napkins. Who doesn’t love a great napkin?! We read The Climb and some were really ambitious and read Into Thin Air which was the perspective of the climb from another climbers point of view. These books were about the Mt. Everest climbs in 1996 that were disastrous and left several climbers dead. I and a few others didn’t have a chance to read, which I love that in my BC that is OK. So it was a little like story time. And I thoroughly enjoyed the hosts husband sat in because he too had read the books several years ago and he himself is a climber, so we got to pick his brain. Like, WHY do you do this?!  Oh and someone brought simple cream cheese and their homemade salsa and I inhaled it. It was just so good. Do you ever have that about a particular food, you aren’t sure why but at that moment it is seriously the best thing you have EVER eaten. That’s my excuse for nearly eating the whole thing. I tried to distance myself from it, but I swear the plate was following me.

Back to Saturday, Ellie had cheer, and we could only stay for half the game due to wedding plans. I love it when the two cheer teams get together. I like to think its teaching her sportsmanship. They are dong the PUMP cheer. I can do a demonstration if you ask.

Here is a quick pic of my SIL Nicole and I sweating it out while waiting for the wedding to begin. And yes, Kyle is in the background with a beverage in hand. Keeping it classy. We tried taking several pictures, but with the sun and the angles, none were FB profile pic worthy. We tried. So not flawless is what we got.

So Kyle and I were in bed last night and I began discussing wallpaper and some places I’d like it in our new house. He clearly stated NO. Apparently he hates wallpaper, due to the below pic. Which is what covers our wall AND ceiling in our current bedroom. And yes, the light switch is covered in the flower pattern too, to match of course. I was like…I will totally put it up, and IF I ever get tired of it I’ll remove it. I’ve read all about it on pintrest, not a big deal. He seriously looks at me and says “I’ve read about heart surgery too, doesn’t mean I’m going to try and do it!”  I think that’s a little drastic comparison. He’s so drama. So, I have a feeling this is a debate I’ll be writing about again.

Hunter Green and Flowers, circa 1990
So house update: NADA. Kyle is now meeting with the county on Wednesday, cuz shocker no one works on Fridays. I’ll give you an update in Thursdays inspiration post.
And the stories you have eagerly been awaiting for regarding this past week and Gma Annie’s stay are not really there. Lets just says this, Sue was stressed. The flowers were not exactly the right color (in her eyes) They were really totally fine and pretty. She’s a perfectionist on this, and because of that she is always asked to do wedding flowers and they turn out beautifully. I will just say she lost her shit one night, and well that stuff rolls downhill. Kyle got it in the face. But he’s much better at handling that. She was tired and stressed, we’ve all been there. I stayed upstairs in the ‘safe zone’ during this show. When he asked why I didn’t come rescue him I simply stated “really?!” and he acknowledged how wise I am. The wedding is now over and we will resume our “usual” chaotic lifestyle. 

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