Baby step towards progress

It may be little, but I will take whatever I can get. This past week we got water. Yes, I can mark “well drilled” off my list. We were estimating the well to be around 200 ft. The driller called and said he hit water at 217 ft. After putting “stuff” in (there’s boxes, and screens and things I know nothing about) the total came to 220ft. So we are pretty happy about that. When I see the bill, it will still feel like a punch in the stomach, but you gotta have water. So what does this mean now? Well the driller takes a water sample to the county, they analyze it to make sure the water is drinkable- which shouldn’t be a problem. Once that is all cleared, our septic permit is released. Yes, we had to apply for it before the well…but you can’t do anything with it until there is a water source and its OK’d by the county. Makes zero sense to me, but whatever. So Kyle can now work on installing the septic. And since that’s he’s biz, we will be saving lots of $$.

Now, most of you would think that was the highlight of my week. Well your wrong. Its great…but bigger things happened. JIMMY JOHNS sandwich shop is coming to the Westside of Olympia. I know, calm yourselves, its finally happened! I am a passionate girl about my sandwiches. I love the beach comber. And I love how when I order it (especially on-line, when working in our Tacoma office cuz they’ll deliver. BONUS) they have to *warn* me about the sprouts. I like to live dangerously people, I’m eating the sprouts.

This week, Karlita (aka SIL Karlye) has been whipping up delicious dinners at Casa de la Camus. We’ve had chicken fried rice, beef stroganoff, and chicken with oven roasted zucchini and squash covered in Parmesan cheese.  I’m not gonna lie, I kind of pretend I’m a super rich person, and she’s my chef. I stroll in with the kids and dinner is served. I imagine that’s what it like. But then reality hits and I turn into “Lupe” and I clean everything up. Its nice for a moment though. And it is totally OK for me to give us Hispanic names, because I’m part Cuban, so no discrimination is happening.

Oh now, Karlye and I had a funny mom moment, and I saw a flash into the future with Ellie. We were watching a rerun of Modern Family. And I actually hadn’t seen this episode. Claire (mom) was having a day with Alex (daughter) when it was realized, Alex didn’t think Claire was cool anymore. Alex didn’t want her around her friends at the mall, etc. Claire was devastated, obviously. Then Alex hopped in the car, gave her mom a speech that I knew was fake immediately- thinking she was schmoozing Claire over. Claire gives her $40 to go shopping, just because. As Alex thinks she’s “won”, Claire rolls down the window and shouts to Alex-in front of her friends- “oh sweetie, make sure you buy a training bra with that money, your little boobies are starting to poke out. Love you kitten!” And drives off! Oh…I am putting that in my pocket for when its needed because I have no doubt that it will be needed one day.

Friend plug- I got stocked up this week on my supportive Cougar wear for Ellie’s cheer, oh and Kyle’s football too. Everything is glitterfied in cougar colors with CAMUS labeled on everything. So here’s my speech, support your local school and look good doing it. Go to Glitter and Ice facebook page and they can whip you up whatever you want…bedazzeled of course! We have some tshirts, a water bottle, and a stadium seat. She does merchandise for all the local schools (Oly, Tum, NT, RR, etc).

Friday we went down to Portland to visit SIL Lynsie and to do some school clothes shopping for Ellie. The kids got way more clothes than they needed, but the sales were just so good. The Gymboree outlet store everything was $12.99 or less!
Ok. I went school supply shopping for Ellie. I was really proud of myself, I went to Wal-Mart and got nearly her whole list for $35! That was including the $9 earbuds needed for the classroom ipad. BUT we did not get the square pink erasers becasuse they were out. That is just crazy talk. Also, we did not get pencils. Ellie’s school, as well as I think the entire county, has required that they get a certain brand. Appearantly they are the best pencils ever. The lead is perfectly in the center or something,  they don’t break as easily, and are probably environmentally friendly. I don’t know if these things are “hand crafted” pencils or what. They are SOLD OUT everywhere. So being the genius that I am, I amazon-primed that shit and it will be here on Saturday. BOOM. And that only cost me an additional $8. Obviously not counting the prime membership, but that doesn’t get factored in and it is worth its weight in gold.
And in a last note, I will NOT be winning the sister of the year award again this year. My sweet little sister loves to borrow my clothes and shoes and she loves this particular pair of wedges. Last summer a strap broke on them and I was super sad. She found a nearly identical pair by the same brand and bought them for me. At the same time, I had taken the original pair to the shoe shop and had them fixed. So when I was moving I was like “i don’t need these, I’ll give them to April.” Well…she wore them on Saturday night. I get a text from her “Oh my gosh Mandy I just fell down at a comedy show because that wedge broke again and the F-ing comedian called me out!!!! So embarrassed!!!” Lets just say I was crying laughing. I know, super supportive of me. I sent her the crying-laughing emoji. She replies back “He says “oh look at the drunk girl””. Then to top it off she tells me she’s on a date! So I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to take her shoe shopping to make up for this. Her pride and knee are bruised. 
House plans got copied and they were distributed to the heating air guy to do energy calcs. That’s needed for our building permits. And then another copy went to the framer guy to get a bid from the Truss company. That’ll be a big number. On the last plan, the bid came in at $18k. Given this house is bigger and one level, more trusses will be needed. But from what I’m told, we need just regular trusses, where the last bid, the whole second floor was bonus room trusses which costs more becasue they are thicker. So…maybe it’ll be about even. One can hope.

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