Inspriation: Kitchen

So on Thursdays I’m going to start doing house inspirations posts. This is a house building blog, in addition to document our living arrangements. I’ll break it down by rooms, and I welcome all feedback.

The area of my main focus has been the kitchen. The cabinets, its all I ever talk about right?! My want is to have a black and white kitchen. To me, thats a classic. I can change the bar stools, I can add color with bowls and accessorys, but the staple of black and white will always be the backdrop. Seems easy. The idea is…now its which cabinets, which countertops even! ugh. So here are the photos that are inspring me now…until I find one I like better.

This is the pic that started the black and white idea. This kitchen is more modern than what i’m thinking. But overall, color and lights, is what I like. 

But of course there are other photos..with different things I like with rustic touches.

Beyond color is also the details. I like the shaker cabinet look the best. I don’t want too many grooves. Also, function. Subway backsplash is a must, as well as super fabulous bar stools.

And then countertops. Whats a girl to choose. I really like the idea of Absolute black honed granite for the white perimeter cabinets. I hear those who hate black..always looks dirty. Then when it comes to the island, I just don’t know. Marble is too pourous. I don’t want just plain white. But if it has movement it has to be just right, becasue there will be a seam. Such hard decisions. And there are pros and cons to them all. I wish one would jump out and have a flashing light saying “I’m the perfect top!” That would be too easy though. 

And to top it all off, literally, is height. Do I have the cabs go to the ceiling with molding? Or Stagger? Or just leave space? My ceilings are 9ft…so either way works, just depends on how much $$ we want to spend.

To see all my kitchen ideas, because there are a lot, check out my HOUZZ Kitchen idea book as well as my Pintrest Future Camus Street Home.

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