2 weeks and nothing crazy

I’m feeling a little pressure. Several of you have said how you love my stories, so funny, etc. Well I think this post might be a little boring. Something funny may have happened, but its all a blur.

So last Monday, my typical posting day, the WHOLE Camus clan was camping- with no cell service! So no post was written, so let me try to remember what happened the week before that. Its sad, my memory is getting terrible, I might need to carry around a little notebook.

Okay, so that week, the last week of July, whatever funny story may have happened in the Camus house I have totally forgotten. So nothing too dramatic must have happened or I’d remember. The highlight of the week… BEYONCE! Yes, my siblings and I, oh and Nicole all went to see Beyonce and Jay Z at Safeco field. It was amazeballs. My life dream is to dress and dance like Beyonce everyday. We started the evening at this Cajun-Louisana restaurant, Marcela’s Creole Cookery. OMG, my mouth waters just thinking about it. It was SO good. I literally licked the plate. I had a blackened Chicken creole creme pasta (Calories: 1 million). It was the best thing ever. And to top it off, a Hurricane beverage. I must take Kyle back there, it was just so delicious. So if you are headed to a Mariners game, or Seahawks, its just a few blocks from the fields and is worth it. Then you can walk it off headed to the game.


House status this week: Drawing and drawing and drawing.

So last week, August 4, the whole family went camping. There is property in Montesano, WA that has been in Kyle’s family for like 100 years on the Wynoochee River. There’s 10 acres, no electricity and no cell service. Everyone brings their trailers and RVs, I bring my tent. Yes I am a true camper and tent it. I don’t mind it actually. Though I totally use everyone elses fridges. I was good and did not use their bathrooms, I didn’t want to get blamed for filling their tanks. So I used the two-seater out house. Never know if you need to take a friend with you. The weather was perfect. I layed out and got too much sun, everyday. We walked up to the waterfall, this place in the river where the water falls over some rocks, we float the tubes over it and float around in this whirlpool for an hour or so, then float down the river back to camp. I ate way too much. It was nice and now I’m back to the grind. We had a little family bday party for Ellie, who turns 8 tomorrow! Crazy. Aunt Karlye made her a special “camping” cake. It’s was fabulous.

Also, Peyton finally ditched his training wheels on his bike. It took a whole 2 mintues and he was flying around the camp. Uncle Brandon also brought up some little quads, and he was flying around on that too. Makes me so nervous, but of course he loved it.


And yep that’s it. Like I said nothing too exciting. Kyle is pretty much done drawing the exterior and I hope that we are able to ship the newly drawn plans off to the engineer this week. The discussion has been all about: dormers or shed dormers…two, three, one big one, etc. I think we made a decision.  Kyle did start clearing the site on the property. It looks really open and there is a huge brush pile to burn. That ought to be interesting.

Oh and he’s found yet another cabinet place for me to go get a bid from. Seriously, this cab thing will kill me or make me stronger. Right now just having plywood boxes is really appealing.

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